Helping You Lose Weight

The best way to lose weight is to follow a proven formula and stick to a thought-out plan that has been proven to produce results. Quick weight-loss solutions don’t work the way you hope they will. At Permian Women’s Center, we recommend sitting down with our doctors to discuss the best solutions to help you lose the weight and keep it off.

Permian Women’s Center offers a customized program that’s created to suit your health and body best. We can recommend the best weight loss options for you. Our weight loss solutions include: 


To help you with your weight loss, the doctors at Permian Women’s Center may prescribe nutritional weight loss supplements that help to optimize your health as you try to shed those unwanted pounds. The weight loss supplements we recommend will help regulate your hormones and eliminate the toxins that cause fatty deposits. We can help you find the right supplement for your health and body. 


Medications are available from Permian Women’s Center to help you lose weight. It can be a convenient and appealing option for those who have tried all other weight loss methods and haven’t seen the results they want. If you want to avoid weight loss surgery, we recommend sitting down with our doctors to discuss weight loss medications and how they can help you reach your goals. 

Diet Programs

Trust Permian Women’s Center to work with you to create a comprehensive program to meet all your weight loss needs. The right diet and nutrition can often produce the best weight loss results. We can help you lose weight by eating right – cutting out all the unnecessary foods that bring harmful toxins to your bloodstream. By eating the right foods in healthy portion sizes, your body will have the healthy nutrients it needs and remove the toxins that cause fat. Your digestion and blood sugar will also be improved. Call us today to get started.  

Ideal Protein Diets

The protein weight loss method is a popular new weight loss diet that patients are turning to for the results they’re looking for. This weight loss method involves patients turning to healthier eating habits with a focus on increased protein intake. Your body will then learn to draw upon these proteins for energy, instead of carbohydrates that lead to fat. When your body draws upon protein for energy, your body can begin to shed weight and develop muscle mass.

Permian Women’s Center can put you on a diet that focuses on proteins instead of fatty carbohydrates. We can help you eat healthier and achieve your weight loss goals.

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