Gynecological Services

Permian Women’s Center is an expert choice for health services that are tailored specifically for women. Our services are essential for women of all ages who have medical concerns and questions about their bodies.
    Our gynecological services are provided on-site at our Odessa, TX medical center. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our GYN services.

    Our doctors can provide the full, comfortable care you need, including: 


    Permian Women’s Center is the place to go for routine physical exams and health screenings. We recommend scheduling an exam annually for a snapshot of your overall health and the advice and care you need from our physicians. 

    A routine exam at Permian Women’s Center can include procedures such as breast exams, pelvic exams, and other examinations to get an overall sense of your health and wellbeing. Call us today to schedule a physical exam.

    Pap Smears

    The specialists at Permian Women’s Center can offer Pap smears to scan for signs of cancer in your vagina, cervix, and uterus. A Pap smear is a gentle scraping of cells inside the vagina, cervix, and uterus. These cells are then tested and analyzed in a lab to look for symptoms of cancer. Pap smears test for cervical cancer, reproductive issues, HPV, and other medical concerns.

    If the results of your Pap smear indicate the presence of cancer or some other kind of medical issue, our doctors can recommend a number of different treatments to take care of the issue. A biopsy may be recommended to get a clearer look at the potentially cancerous cells in your cervix, uterus, or vagina. Contact us today to learn more.


    Menopause is the change women will begin to experience in their bodies once they reach their mid-40s and are hitting the middle portion of their lives. Women will begin to notice hormonal changes, as well as changes to their menstrual cycles. In addition, women’s ovaries will see a decline in their function, making it much more difficult to have children. Women know these changes will be coming as they age, but they still will have to deal with the effects of menopause as it arrives.

    Permian Women’s Center offers care for women going through menopause or in the post-menopausal stages of their lives. The changes can have a direct impact on the daily lives women lead. Permian Women’s Center can offer a number of treatments to help you live the life you want to live with menopause. Talk to our doctors today to discuss your concerns about menopause.


    Essure is a permanent birth control option offered by Permian Women’s Center. Essure prevents pregnancy from occurring without relying on incisions or hormones. This simple procedure involves placing inserts in your fallopian tubes that keep sperm from ever reaching your eggs. The procedure can be performed in just a matter of minutes at our Odessa, TX office and recovery takes just a few short days. 

    Many women are turning to Essure because it is safe, and studies have shown that it is nearly 100 percent effective at preventing pregnancies. Essure is a permanent form of birth control that requires just one quick procedure for women to never worry about getting pregnant again. Call us today to find out more. We can schedule you for an Essure procedure and a follow-up confirmation test to make sure everything is correctly in place.

    Robotic Surgeries

    If you elect to have a surgical procedure done at Permian Women’s Center, you can feel comfortable knowing that we use the latest state-of-the-art technology for each procedure. This includes use of robotic surgery that allows the surgeon to get a clear picture of what’s happening while using safe and comfortable tools that aren’t nearly as dangerous or invasive as traditional surgical tools.

    In a robotic surgical procedure, the doctor will operate a robot arm to complete the surgery while sitting at a computer. The surgeon can view the images displayed on the computer by the robot’s camera and get a closer look at the procedure taking place. The robot will then handle the difficult incisions and movements in a much cleaner fashion than a human surgeon could. This allows us to complete faster, more effective surgical procedures without worry about pain, infections, accidents, or blood loss. Call us today to ask about robotic surgery.

    Sexual Dysfunction

    Sexual dysfunction can mean a number of different things for different women. It may mean a lack of interest in sex, an inability to orgasm, painful intercourse, or vaginal dryness. No matter what the issue is, no woman should have to live with sexual dysfunction that disrupts her ability to enjoy sex. 

    Permian Women’s Center has several solutions for sexual dysfunction. We can schedule a physical that includes a pelvic exam and evaluation of your overall health. Several medical conditions, including diabetes and hypertension, can contribute to sexual dysfunction. There are also behavioral issues that may be preventing you from achieving the best sexual experience possible. Treatments may include medication, counseling, and sexual therapy. Speak to our team today for the help you need.

    Laparoscopic Surgery

    Minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery procedures can be used to treat a number of gynecological issues for women. Our expert team can conduct surgical procedures with a thin metal laparoscope at Permian Women’s Center. 

    Laparoscopic surgery typically involves a doctor making a small incision around the naval and inserting the laparoscope to see inside the abdominal cavity. Any surgical procedures that need to be done around this area of the body can then be handled by the surgeon by attaching the appropriate surgical tools to the laparoscope. Laparoscopic surgery is known for being minimally invasive and highly effective. Contact Permian Women’s Center today to find out which laparoscopic surgery options may be recommended for you.

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