Hyperpigmentation Treatments

Skin pigmentation refers to the color of your skin. The color of your skin is determined by the amount of a pigment known as melanin. The skin cells that make melanin can become damaged, and the ripple effect is a drastic change in the production of melanin. Genetics, hormones, and too much expose to sunlight can also impact your skin pigmentation. 

Damaged skin cells can lead to either too much or too little melanin being produced. Too much melanin leads to darker skin and too little melanin means very light skin. There are treatments available to fight skin pigmentation disorders. 

Treatment Options 

Treatments for skin hyperpigmentation include skin peels, creams, and laser skin procedures. We can target the areas where there’s been a specific change in skin tone. Treatments are noninvasive and can show results quickly.

Talk to Permian Women’s Center for advice about skin pigmentation procedures, and schedule the treatment you need at our women’s health center in Odessa, TX.

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