Women’s Reproductive Services 

Permian Women’s Center helps support the wellbeing of pregnant women with expert obstetrics services. We offer everything expectant mothers need to enjoy a healthy and routine pregnancy. Our services also help care for the baby in the womb.

Call today to schedule an appointment for obstetrics services and discuss ways to enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

The care provided by Permian Women’s Center includes everything mothers need throughout a pregnancy, as well as infertility services for women who are trying to get pregnant. Our specific services include: 

High Risk Pregnancy

Pregnant women need constant care and attention to keep themselves and their babies safe. While most pregnancies are completed without a problem, some pregnancies have complications as a result of high-risk health issues.

Permian Women’s Center can handle high-risk pregnancies with expert care from our staff members. We will provide several tests to identify troublesome medical issues in pregnant mothers, as well as prenatal testing for conditions the baby may face. Our job is to make sure both mom and baby are safe no matter what throughout the pregnancy. If you know you are pregnant and have chronic health issues that could pose a problem during pregnancy, call Permian Women’s Center immediately for help. We will help care for moms with special health issues as well as babies with birth defects or health concerns.


Pregnancy care at Permian Women’s Center can involve a number of different situations and solutions. For some, it’s making sure they can enjoy a healthy pregnancy to support the baby and mom-to-be. For others, it’s planning to become pregnant or to avoid a pregnancy altogether. 

No matter what your situation is, you can trust Permian Women’s Center for the finest pregnancy care imaginable. We will work with you and provide what you need throughout your pregnancy all the way up through the labor and delivery. We will share advice and create a plan to keep you healthy throughout the pregnancy. We will also monitor the growth and health of your baby with prenatal care. If you have questions about becoming pregnant, or about birth control to avoid becoming pregnant, we can help with those as well.


Permian Women’s Center can provide a helping hand for women and couples who are trying to become pregnant, but have not been able to as of yet. If you’ve tried everything, don’t give up because there are still avenues to explore. 

We welcome you to visit our doctors for a discussion about infertility and the options that may lead to a pregnancy. We provide a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere for you to visit us and discuss your concerns. Permian Women’s Center can suggest a number of treatment options that have been known to be highly successful. Talk to us to discuss the fertility options available for you to pursue.

3D Sonograms

Permian Women’s Center can help you take a look at your unborn child and stay up-to-date on his or her development and growth. We will keep you close to your little one by displaying 3D ultrasound images on a giant TV in our office. We use the best technology to provide clear images of your child. We will also help keep track of the baby’s health and provide the services you need to ensure a smooth pregnancy.

One of our trusted doctors can provide all the obstetrical services you need to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more.

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