Many older women may have experienced an embarrassing moment of fecal incontinence. This type of embarrassing moment is not that uncommon though for women of a certain age. More than 15 million Americans suffer from incontinence. Many women suffering from incontinence have sought treatment at Permian Women’s Center.

Permian Women’s Center can help prevent social anxiety and ensure clean hygiene with treatments designed to solve your issues with fecal incontinence. The most common treatments for fecal incontinence include medication and behavioral muscle therapy. Ask about the treatments available at Permian Women’s Center to help you enjoy social situations without worrying about fecal incontinence. 

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Permian Women’s Center can treat routine and severe cases of fecal incontinence. The procedures we offer include GYNECARE TVT to support the urethra and prevent involuntary urine loss, pelvic floor stimulation, and InterStim Therapy.

Contact Permian Women’s Center today to discuss solutions for fecal incontinence and how we can help you live a more comfortable lifestyle.

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